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Celebrate Your Care Giving With Formal Pictures.

If your parents have chosen to age in place, creating the best mixture of care is best accomplished by applying the K.I.S.S (keep it simple sweetie) format. After you have the basics (health, hygiene and nutrition) taken care of, it will be worth your while to consider their recreational needs. Love, belonging, esteem and self –actualization are essential to quality of life and crucial if your parent(s) have chosen to age in place.

My parents still live in their own home. They tend to be homebodies so I am always looking for ways to get them out of the house to try new experiences. I have had minimal success. The best approach is to bring new experiences and fun to them when possible.

This year I did the family holiday picture thing at their house. I wanted everyone I take care of to be included.

I don’t have many pictures of me with either set of my grandparents, so each time I go over to my folks’ house with the munchkin in tow, I try to get a few pictures with my phone. This time with professional photographer directing us, the whole experience was one of genuine bonding.

As we got into the session I started to notice how much fun
my parents and my child were having. Which of course made me realize how special a family photo session is. I think my husband liked it as well, even though our session was very early on a Saturday morning.

The photographer was a calming influence. Maybe we were all subconsciously trying to be on our best behavior. Family bonding with a facilitator! Seems very modern.

Getting dressed up is exciting. Taking the extra time to think about what types of clothing and colors will highlight our positives. It meant being mindful about how your family fits together on one level and taking time to find a way to portray that bond and moment forever.

Photos are an official entry to the family legacy. Photographs tell a person’s story even if you see that person every day. Group photos reaffirm connections. Connections, social or familial are what support quality of life.

Most importantly, we were doing something together and having fun. Thanks to the photo session, we realized we belonged together.