Our Mission: Addressing Loneliness in Older Adults

One-third of older adults experience loneliness in their lives. The results can lead to poor health outcomes.

Adriana has made it her purpose to reverse those outcomes by providing recreation and social visits to older adults who are most at risk. This includes individuals who are home-bound, who may be living with dementia or who are life-long introverts. She has over two decades creating and directing recreation programs for older adults in a variety of settings such as adult day health, retirement communities and senior centers. Her experience has taught her one simple truth – social connections are crucial to quality of life.

Adriana is a Certified Dementia Practitioner and Parks and Recreation Professional. The programs offered by Senior Life Enrichment Consultants are based on research in the fields of Gerontology, Recreation, and Leisure and Happiness Studies. If you would like to learn more, send her a note.


I have always been drawn to older adults.  As a young girl, I helped an elderly couple in the neighborhood with small chores.  My favorite part was sitting with them and listening to the stories of their lives. 

In high school, I worked with older adults as a volunteer in a hospital, and at a senior living facility. Early on I observed that supporting quality of life was crucial to living well because I saw how devastating and lonely life could be when a person loses their sense of purpose. 

Quality of life cannot be mass-produced. This observation continued to inform me as I developed and implemented life enrichment programs in a variety of settings such as adult day health, senior living, and senior centers.  What happens to the person who is choosing to age in place or has moved in with loved ones?  How is their quality of life supported?

I founded Senior Life Enrichment Consultants to serve elders in their homes. Individualized, meaningful, fun, and purposeful activities sessions are developed based on current interests, skills, and goals. This is how quality of life is promoted, one person at a time.

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Adriana Carr is the Principal of Senior Life Enrichment.
Adriana Carr, Principal